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Automotive air conditioning system problems can pop-up out of anywhere. And with nearly endless options for automobile AC system repair work, finding the best service center can be challenging. If you wish to stay cool behind the wheel of your car, we have you covered with some suggestions, especially in case you ever have to look for car air conditioner repair services.

Where’s the Best Place to Go For Auto A/C Repair?

Like many car repairs, you generally have 3 options when it comes to repairing your automobile’s AC system: DIY, an independent repair shop, or an auto dealership. Is one better than the other? Let’s explore each option and see.

DIY AC Repair

DIY freon refresh kits are plentiful. Unfortunately, they only resolve one particular trouble, however, and may miss the real issue. Replacing leaked freon might give you short-lived relief but exposes the atmosphere to harmful chemicals when the system loses freon once again. This alternative is the riskiest as a lot of us aren’t accredited AC repair specialists. You run the risk of throwing away money on an inefficient ‘repair’ as well as harming the atmosphere.

Independent A/C Repair Shop

Independent repair shops are better than DIY as they have the knowledge and (likely) the equipment needed for an effective vehicle AC service. While the service technicians will certainly have a far better opportunity of successfully identifying the trouble with your car’s air conditioner, they might not have all the specialized devices essential to efficiently repair it. Independent service centers are developed to service several brands of vehicles, not necessarily your car specifically.

Air Conditioning Service at the Dealer

Your local dealership is genuinely the ideal alternative when dealing with anything on your car and that includes getting your car AC serviced. The dealership technicians are especially trained on your automobile and have access to any specialized tools and manufacturer replacement parts that could be needed to efficiently fix your car’s air conditioning problem.

All 3 alternatives have their advantages when it pertains to repairing your car’s cooling, yet here at Sterling McCall Honda, we have the right devices to effectively diagnose your trouble and fix it appropriately.

What’s the Price of an Air Conditioning Analysis?

The very first component of fixing your vehicle’s A/C is understanding what’s broken. This means beyond noticing that the car’s AC system does not blow cold anymore. The price of an AC analysis can differ greatly depending on exactly how thorough the diagnostic test is. Some shops like the car parts store or independent repair shops might just be able to evaluate for freon leaks while we have the specific devices needed to correctly repair your automobile’s A/C problem. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all and we will tailor the A/C diagnostics test for your details needs. Be sure to call us for an individualized quote on your vehicle.

What Causes Car A/C Units to Stop Functioning?

Ultimately your automobile’s A/C system quit working as a result of a leakage or a part failing, it likely will never simply require a ‘recharge’. Air conditioning systems are cooled down by freon, a chemical that can be harmful to the atmosphere. So, while you might be most worried about your loss of cold air, a damaged automobile air conditioning system may be unsafe to the environment and must be checked promptly.

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